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Heya! Soooo here’s some updates, interesting things happening in my life & more!

Blog Updates. . .

  • I updated the theme for Happily Ever After Dolls! Go check it out, view my blog in the actual site, not WordPress. It’s a fall theme!
    I have many new photo stories up my sleeve. In fact, I’m starting soon on my epic Halloween adventure!
    I am redoing the doll house. Stay tuned for a Photostory on that!
    I have decided to for each season, make a new blog design!

Life. . .

  • I am starting a Harry Potter club at school! Or, at least I’m trying to.
  • I am planning on being Rosie the Riveter for Halloween
  • I am lovin’ school!
  • I have all As & Bs at school!
  • I made a 18U softball team! (Yaya)

Upcoming things on the blog. . .

  • Like I said, I’m working on a Halloween Photostory
  • A Spanish class themed story
  • Doll house tour
  • Kanani got a new hairdo Photostory

These are not the actual names of the Photostorys, I’m just an old grandma who can’t remember the names I gave them XD

  • DIYs
  • Photo shoots!

soooo yeah! Bye guys! Hopefully I can finish these posts soon stay tuned!


The Polka Dot Muggles NEW SITE

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American Girl Doll AWARD

Hey y’all I created this tag. Here ya go!


~ Link the creator (meee!)

~ Link & thank the person who tagged you

~ Answer the original 4 questions

~ Answer the 3 questions the person who tagged you created

~ Make your own 3 questions for the people you tagged

~ Tag 3 AG bloggers

~ Use the same picture above in your post

original questions

1) Who’s your favorite American Girl of the Year?

Kanani hands down.

2) Who’s your favorite doll {that you own}?

insert a photo of him/her

Kanani, hehe (see photo above above)

3) What’s your favorite doll outfit from AG/OG/Your collection/other?

insert a photo

How do I expect myself to choose?

4) What’s your favorite dream doll like?

Tbh, I dunno. Definitely my favorite mold is the Jess mold, I want her to have straight hair since it’s easier, and I want long hair. Do y’all get why I like Kanani so much? Hehe

additional 3 questions

– Who’s your all time favorite AG doll?

Kanani, first place, Jess, second place, Caroline with straight hair, third place.

– American Girl, Our Generation, or My Life As Dolls?

I am not a fan of the OG or MLA. I like the outfits/accessories but I don’t like their dolls faces. American girl is definitely my favorite.

– Curly or straighthaired dolls?

Straight haired dolls because it is easier to deal with.





Hope y’all enjoyed!

Why I Hate Tomatoes An AG Photostory Short

Cece’s POV

Dear readers, it has come to my attention that many of you enjoy tomatoes. Therefore, I will regale you with the story of my affliction. It all started August 31st, 2013. . .

You see, I am innocent doll, I did nothing to deserve this sad sad tale.

Once upon a time, I had a love for tomatoes. I would grow them in my garden. But now, no more can I eat those tomatoes.

I had been eating them for a few years when there was the tragic day. Kanani was in charge (*shudders*) so she cooked homemade pizza for dinner.

I can still hear her calling out to my sisters and I, “Pizza’s ready!”. We all rushed with alacrity down the steps. We ate the first bite with joy, until that is, until we tasted it.

Miranda decided to check the food dates to make sure they were still good, and we were aghast, to our great dismay, the tomatoes were *stutters* MOLDY!!!

And when Sienna returned from her vacation, we all had the stomach bug. . .

What is the moral of the story, you ask? Why certainly, it is NEVER LET KANANI GO GROCERY SHOPPING!!!!

Etcera Etcera

Hey! In the future, we have some exciting stuff ready to be published! So far I’ve written two photo story ‘minis’ and tonight I will photograph them! Also, Kanani is getting a new look!


-The Imprisonment

-Why I hate Tomatoes

-Our fam sorted into hogwarts houses!

Sooo, get excited! Byeee!

First Day Woes

Ginny’s POV

I started to walk towards the steps but Sienna stopped me.

“You look troubled.” Sienna said, concerned.

“Yeah.” I said with a sigh. “I still haven’t told Kanani yet.”

“Ah. You better do that. 2 Days left of summer.” Sienna said with a smile.

“Yep.” I said and turned towards the steps as Sienna turned back to the stove.

As I flung myself onto the bed Kanani and I share, I heard her excited vpice cry out.

“Two more days! Two more days until hiiiiigh school begins!! Our lives will soon be changed-forever.” Kanani exclaimed.

“Yay.” I said. I know my life will be changed more than Kanani knows.

“Kanani, I have to tell you something.”

“Okay, what’s up?”

“Hey guys! Sorry to innterupt! Sienna says dinners ready!”

The night and following day flew by in a whirwind of preparations. I had multiple openings to tell my dearest friend, and yet, it never happened.

Soon I had to get dressed. And then, I knew I had to face my best friend.

“Why are you dressed like that? You need to change silly! Why would you wear that on the first day of high school?!” Kanani exclaimed.

“Because this is the uniform.” I said sadly.

“Uh, no it’s not.”

“You see, I was, um, excepted into Saint Mary’s.” I said.

“What?! Why did I never know my best friend was going to that stupid rich smart people school?!” Kanani cried.

“I, uh. . .”

“Ya know what? I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me alone, and don’t bother following me!”

I had no choice but to grab my backpack and walk to my new school, where I knew no one.

Kanani’s POV

Standing at the bus stop without Ginny was lonely. I didn’t know what to do. Sure, I know everyone there, but I always talked with Ginny, not them.

I started to think I was wrong about leaving her. Then, I knew what to do. But, I had to hurry.

Soon I was panting and sweaty, but I had almost caught up to Ginny.

Ginny’s POV

I heard someone panting behind me so I decided to take a quick look. It was Kanani!

I stopped and waited for her to catch up but then I needed to let her catch her breath for a moment.

I started to apologize but I was caught off guard by a hug from Kanani.

I knew then, we were best friends, again.

Kanani’s POV

Ginny started to say something, but I was short on time. I had to go back and catch my bus! So I just gave her a big hug to show I forgave her.

“Have a great day at school Gin’. ” I said smiling as I turned to run back to my bus.

“You too!” She shouted.

I smiled and ran towards the new chapter of my life.

First Day Woes: Teaser

Hiya! This is Ginny! I’m here to introduce a new photo story starring Kanani and I. It shall be published this Saturday at noon. And now for a few excerpts!

“Yeah.” I said with a sigh. “I still haven’t told Kanani yet.”

“Ah. You better do that. 2 Days left of summer.” Sienna said with a smile.

“Ya know what? I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me alone, and don’t bother following me!”

And that’s it! Hope y’all tune in for that this Saturday at noon!