Pre 25 Days of Dollmas #1

Hey hey heyyy!

So, I’m workin on 25 days of Dollmas again today!

1st off, check out our new Christmas theme!

Also, I am workin on collabs! On November 29th I will post a schedule of who I am collating with on which days (for both blog collabs and Instagram collabs!)

Also, I know I know, it’s not officially Christmas season yet. Still have Thanksgiving!

But never fear, this month I will have a couple posts:

  • Pre 25 days of dollmas posts
  • A DIY that’s totally unrelated to holidays
  • A special thanksgiving post!

That’s all. I am still super busy with school. I’m kinda just getting this grand finale before I start posting like 3 times a month with school and all.

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So my goal is to do 25 days of dollmas this year.

Which is why I’m starting now.

It gives me quite a while to procrastinate but still hopefully get it done in time!

Yay me!

So, Here’s the posting schedule for it:

Every Saturday until Christmas I will have a collab up with one blogger! Each post will relate to Christmas.

I am looking for 3 bloggers so if you’re interested make sure to email me at my contact page!

Have a great day!

The Guide to Being Sick: A Mini PH

Quinn’s POV


So, here I am, sitting in my bed, home alone, coughing, sneezing, and being very upset.

I don’t love school. Okay fine, I adore it.

Don’t tell anyone, it’ll ruin my rebal reputation.

I have a deep love for Science and English class. And today, is a supposed ‘very special’ lab experiment and a new book in Honors English.

So therefore, I am moping in my science PJ pants.

Here is the guide for everything you need when you’re sick.

1) Kleenexs!!


2) Entertainment/books {I usually go through about 4 a week but today I’ll probraly will get 3 since I have nothing to do}

3) Cough drops

*cough cough*

4) Blanketsss

5) Tea

6) Comfy pajamas

7) All of your favorite stuffies!!!

So there ya have- *cough* -it folks!

Have a great day!!!

The Cookie Incident

Ryann’s POV

Since dear, innocent, Cece is so new to the family still, she was sadly unaware that every October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) Sienna bakes all weekend for the bake sale at the library where all the money goes to free mammograms.

Poor, innocent Cece simply assumed that Sienna baked for the family that sad Saturday morning so she thought that she could eat some of the still warm chocolate chip cookies. Sadly, she was mistaken.

When she came downstairs and followed the delicious smell of cookies and she ate almost all of them she was signing her death warent.

Now remind you, Sienna plans for this bake sale for months. And this is the story of why Sienna is chasing Cece currently.

Please, pray for Cece.

Heya! See, told ya guys that I’d still post!! So yes, this is one of the photo stories in my series Photostory Shorts. Yes, this is extremely short. Yes, in the future the shorts will be a little longer than this.

I will be posting once more this month for the Halloween photostory I’ve been planning for a month.

And the first post of November will hopefully be a collab!

Here is a mini photoshoot:

One final information tid bit: Please it would be awesome if you could give a shoutout to me on your blog(s)!! I’ve been on WordPress for a couple years now and I still have little followers even though on my doll Instagram I have like 315 ish and I’ve only been on there since march maybe.


I want y’all to know, like Bayance’s post about why she does not like Instagram, I totally get it. I rarely if ever post on my personal account because Instagram is really just a place for narcissistic people to post about themselves but Bayance, I love the American Girl community on there! Like there’s thousands of AG doll lovers on there who post about their dolls because they’re passionate about photography! I have made so many awesome friends who in reality, I’ll never meet in real life, but it is truly wonderful as I know no one in person who loves dolls (my age).


A Very Important Post About This Blog (Please Read Even Though It’ll Probably Shorter Than This Title)

Heya! So sorry bout this awkward title. I have some really important info to tell y’all & in between I’ll show ya some photos from recently!

So, I am not growing out of dolls.

I still love and cherish my 8. I am even getting this cheap $24 doll off of eBay soon.

But with school starting soon, I just don’t have time for this blog.

My goal, is to post (at least) 2 photo stories a month in the future.

I mean, maybe I’ll add a random post in the mix too (I have a great collab coming soon!)

I will just not be posting often compared to last year.

Again, I still adore my dolls, I just don’t have time.

I try to post some of my photos every day on my Instagram account @happily_ever_after_dolls so check that out.

Farewell for now!

Etc. Etc.

Heya! Soooo here’s some updates, interesting things happening in my life & more!

Blog Updates. . .

  • I updated the theme for Happily Ever After Dolls! Go check it out, view my blog in the actual site, not WordPress. It’s a fall theme!
    I have many new photo stories up my sleeve. In fact, I’m starting soon on my epic Halloween adventure!
    I am redoing the doll house. Stay tuned for a Photostory on that!
    I have decided to for each season, make a new blog design!

Life. . .

  • I am starting a Harry Potter club at school! Or, at least I’m trying to.
  • I am planning on being Rosie the Riveter for Halloween
  • I am lovin’ school!
  • I have all As & Bs at school!
  • I made a 18U softball team! (Yaya)

Upcoming things on the blog. . .

  • Like I said, I’m working on a Halloween Photostory
  • A Spanish class themed story
  • Doll house tour
  • Kanani got a new hairdo Photostory

These are not the actual names of the Photostorys, I’m just an old grandma who can’t remember the names I gave them XD

  • DIYs
  • Photo shoots!

soooo yeah! Bye guys! Hopefully I can finish these posts soon stay tuned!

The Polka Dot Muggles NEW SITE

Hey! Do you love the magical world of Harry Potter? If yes, go follow the new site, The Polka Dot Muggles !!!

Are you interested in posting anything Harry Potter related on the new blog? Email for more information!

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American Girl Doll AWARD

Hey y’all I created this tag. Here ya go!


~ Link the creator (meee!)

~ Link & thank the person who tagged you

~ Answer the original 4 questions

~ Answer the 3 questions the person who tagged you created

~ Make your own 3 questions for the people you tagged

~ Tag 3 AG bloggers

~ Use the same picture above in your post

original questions

1) Who’s your favorite American Girl of the Year?

Kanani hands down.

2) Who’s your favorite doll {that you own}?

insert a photo of him/her

Kanani, hehe (see photo above above)

3) What’s your favorite doll outfit from AG/OG/Your collection/other?

insert a photo

How do I expect myself to choose?

4) What’s your favorite dream doll like?

Tbh, I dunno. Definitely my favorite mold is the Jess mold, I want her to have straight hair since it’s easier, and I want long hair. Do y’all get why I like Kanani so much? Hehe

additional 3 questions

– Who’s your all time favorite AG doll?

Kanani, first place, Jess, second place, Caroline with straight hair, third place.

– American Girl, Our Generation, or My Life As Dolls?

I am not a fan of the OG or MLA. I like the outfits/accessories but I don’t like their dolls faces. American girl is definitely my favorite.

– Curly or straighthaired dolls?

Straight haired dolls because it is easier to deal with.





Hope y’all enjoyed!