Um, Yeah. . .

Uh, hi guys. Soo I have an interesting story for you guys.

Oh, this is Jessica.

Don’t remember me? That’s because before, I was Miranda.

Sam is pretty mad at me.

I uh, did a prank. . .

I might have legally changed my name as a joke. Except for it was LEGAL. Like not a fake name change. . .

So, uh, yeah, my name is now Jessica. . .

Um so I am supposed to quit pranking for good. I will actually listen, due to the fact I don’t have a death wish. If y’all can’t tell, Sam is MAD. So yup, that’s it really. Call me Jessica please.

I am also supposed to be good, innocent, and sweet.

So yeah, wish me luck.


Wrapping Up May

Hey guys. I’m kinda dead inside. I had my Confirmation at church last Thursday, my 8th grade graduation and Confirmation party last Saturday (Alyssa slept over), last day of 8th grade the 4th, 8th grade graduation ceremony that night, the 8th grade dance AFTER that, then a sleepover with Alyssa and Olivia last night, ot/pt tonight, then a haircut. ugh!

Sooo yeah, that’s why I haven’t posted a lot. . .

school. . .

  • we watched and read Hunger Games at school
  • I passed 8th grade XD
  • I did a cartwheel and landed on top of the scary librarian. . .
  • I got a soccerball to the face in P.E. . . .
  • I finally got my friend to sneeze! (she sneezes like a cat and we’ve been trying to hear it for so long [yes, we are weird])

blog. . .

*runs to check what I posted*

Oh wow. . . I only posted my 3 part series! The New Kind of Normal is interesting I guess but I could have done better on it.

personal. . .

  • I read 13 books!
  • I painted my room turquoise, my favorite color!
  • I watched Harry Potter 5 through 8 in one sleepover!
  • I realized I deleted my blog’s Instagram account. . . Sooo I had to make a new one! Follow me @happily_ever_after_dolls
  • I joined a Instagram doll Photography contest! The photo below is my 1st entry (the theme is pastel)

goals for this coming month. . .

  • Read 5 books
  • post 5 times
  • post 2 Youtube’s videos
  • post 15 times on Instagram
  • get Summer Bored Games journal ready

That’s it y’all! Buh bye!

the new kind of normal. . . THE GRAND FINALE

Then a doctor walked in and tried to explain my confusion.

“She has amnesia. And she’s lucky she just has that after 9 months in a coma.”

“EXCUSE ME?!” I couldn’t help myself, I just shouted it out.

“Yes, Ms. Ginevra. You’ve been out for 9 months after you fell off the ropes that held you up when you ‘flew’ for your little musical.”

I was stunned. Nine months?!

“I’d be surprised if you even remembered you love to-“

“Act. Sing. Dance. I love being in musicals, plays, and recitals. My name is Ginevra ‘Ginny’ Potter. I have multiple sisters. Kanani, Sienna, Cassie, Ryann, Olive, Miranda (aka MJ because it’s ‘Miranda Joan), and one guy in the fam who is technically not our brother and he’s my boyfriend, Finn. Kanani is also known as the ‘Mini Mom’.”

“HA!” burst out of Sienna.

“What?” I asked, seriously concerned for my mental stability after apparently being in a coma for 9 months.

“Gin’,” Ryann started. “Sienna is the ‘Mini Mom’. Kanani is, no offense Kanani, the makeup-slash-boy-crazy-slash-short-skirt-wearing normal 17 year old.”

“I take no offense, cuz that’s totally me.” Kanani replied with a smirk and a pop of her bubblegum.

“What?!” I said, positive that I’m legally insane.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well, I have to admit that I’m definitely surprised that she remembers you all, and little bit about herself. I suppose her amnesia isn’t too bad.” the doctor replied.

“When can she go home, doc?” Sienna asked hoping that the answer was soon.

“Well now that she’s awake, Ms. Ginevra can go home tomorrow after some testing today, and a good night’s sleep.”

“Oh thank gosh!” Sienna cried out in delight.

“Yes, now you all must leave so that she will be able to go home tomorrow.”

“Bye Ginny!”

“Buh-bye Gin’.”

“See ya later!”



“Feel better sis!”

And after multiple hugs and kisses my family was gone leaving me with the beep beep blink beep blink machines.

*the next day*

“So, sis, let me help you to your room. The doc says you can go back to school next month with physical therapy, lots of rest, and some meds!” Ryann said happily holding my arm, leading me to my bed.

“Thanks, Ry’.”

please pretend this is not super blurry!

“We missed you, you know.”

“I know.”

“We love you.”

“I love guys too.”

“We know, cuz we’re clearly the bestest family everrrrr!”

“Haha.” I giggled.

“Get some rest.”

*1 month later*

“Kananiiii!” I shouted from my room. I was feeling a lot better, almost normal! I graduated from physical therapy, and I only have to go for a checkup every other months instead of how at the begining I had to go every week then every other week! It came to be the time when I was given the yay-yay for school, but I. Have. No. Freakin. Gosh. Darn. Clue. What. To. Wear. And since Kanani is the resident fashion queen, I am in dire need of her help!

“Yeah girly, whadda ya need?” Kanani asked. Coming into my room.

“Which one?!” I cried in dismay, holding up a few outfits.

“Hahaha, no.”

“None of these?!” I said, shocked.

“Yep. Sit.” she commanded.

I sat.

“Stay right here.” and turned to run to her room.

A few minutes later, Kanani was back with a freakin awesome outfit for me to wear! I tried it on and it was perfect!

It’s taken a little bit of time to get used to the fact that Kanani is you know, called the ‘Fashion Queen’ and not the ‘Mini Mom’. I still most definitely am the resident ‘Drama Queen’, even though I still can’t dance the same as I could before. But the doc says in abouts 2 months time, I’ll be totally back to my normal self. And you know what? I’m fine with that.

It’s May now, school’s out in like 3 weeks. And thankfully, my teachers simplified my lessons I missed so I don’t have to stay back another year as a sophomore.

“GINNYYYYY! LETS GO!!! WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!” Ryann shouted at the top of her lungs (though I can once again shout louder than her!) from the bottom of the steps, holding a bagel with frosting and my bookbag.

“You ready?”

“Oh yes, I’m ready” I said with a smile, walking out the door, my arm linked my forever friend slash sister’s arm.

the new kind of normal. . . PART TWO

I woke up to find myself in a hospital with my sisters surrounding me. In a hospital.









Y’all get that? A hospital. Like all sterile, shiny clean, totally white, that too-clean-to-be-normal smell. With big and small beep beep blink blink beep machines.

Yeah. That.

How did I get there? I have absolutely zero freakin clue. I tried to sit up but I fell back because of the horrid pain.

“Kanani?” I asked. But my voice wasn’t ‘my voice’. It was scratchy and dry like it hadn’t been used in months.

“Oh my gosh, Ginny!” cried Sienna in great despair, like I was her daughter, like she was the mini mom, not Kanani.

But wait.

I looked up at Kanani again, and it wasn’t really the Kanani.

The ‘Mini Mom’.

She couldn’t have been farther then what I was looking at.

Lots of makeup. Dark red lips. Winged eyeliner. Eyeshadow. A short skirt?!

What the hey hey kind of reality did I walk into? Or wake up in, I guess.

the new kind of normal. . . PART ONE

Ginny’s POV

It was a normal Thursday. I woke up, got ready for school, ate a bagel with frosting (to get a pip in my step and/or to annoy the Mini Mom, Kanani, that I eat sugar for breakfast), left for the bus (was 10 minutes early, again), sat with Ryan (my bestie), went through the normal school day, then theater practice, then home, then dinner (homemade pasta since we are Italian), then homework, then a few episodes of New Girl on Netflix with Cassie and Ryann, then a shower, then bed. Except for, the craziest thing imaginable happened- I woke up!

Okay, so I know what all of ya are thinking. What the hey hey is she talking about, bro? Of freakin course she woke up, dum dums!

It’s not like that!

I woke up to find myself in a hospital with my sisters surrounding me. In a hospital.









Y’all get that? A hospital. Like all sterile, shiny clean, totally white, that too-clean-to-be-normal smell. With big and small beep beep blink blink beep machines.

Yeah. That.

How did I get there? I have absolutely zero freakin clue. I tried to sit up but I fell back because of the horrid pain.

New Blog?!

Hey peoples! Since this blog is all about dolls and I’ll be a freshman this fall, I made a personal blog.

Cherry On Top

Please click the above link and go follow me! I’d really appreciate it.

Have a great week y’all!


Exploring the Human House~ A Photostory

Hi. I’m Sienna, a newbie! In the background, you can see my bedroom in the back of the room. There will be a photostory coming soon of a house tour starring Miranda!

I’m going to tell you a few things about me quickly. 1) I love to bake 2) I am very quiet 3) I love lists 4) I am probably the least high strung out of all the dolls in my family

Okay, now let’s leave the safety of the doll house!

The first thing I encounter is a tall pile of doll clothes.

I climbed over the pile with great difficulty.

Then I saw the ginormous washer and dryer that made big rumble-rumble-qlick-rumble-rumble-qlick-qlick-rumble-rumble-qlick sounds so I quickly left.

There’s these two steps in front of the door I have to climb.

I first passed The Forbidden Room. It’s my aunt’s room.

Then I went into my mom, Sam’s, room.

I found this weird black thing and I pushed the button.

But then this huge force of wind hit me. (I later investigated what the thing was, it was an air purifier for when Sam sleeps!)

I then climbed the bed!

I absolutely adore her blankets! So soft, fuzzy, and jumpable!

I found a bunch of mini paints too!

Soon after I left Sam’s room, I passed Sam’s mom’s room I started down the steps.

I made it down the first 4 steps before. . .

That happened. . .

And that. . .

And that. . .

I quickly ran my fingers through my hair and rubbed my sore elbows.

It was a tough decision, but I decided to go to my left even though there was two ways I could have gone (the downstairs is a giant circle!).

I found a pretty and yummy Chocolate Mocha candle on the table!

There also was a HUGEEE bookshelf!

Oooh looook! A giant phone! Just joking, I know it’s a computer!

I found what apparently was a ‘paper shredder‘ and was very scary. . . Let’s just say, I was done exploring that room.

I found the fridge! In my personal opinion, it is a LOT bigger than the one in our house (I mean the dollhouse!).

I found yummy popcorn (technically it’s popcorn seeds)!

OH MY GOSH!!! I found a mini syrup!!!

BIG IMPORTANT QUESTION: Do you all say ‘syr-up’or ‘sur-up’?

Oh no!


Bye! Gotta go!!!!!!!!!!

Okay y’all don’t forget to answer my syrup question above!

Did you like this post?

Do you think paper shredders, washers/dryers, and/or air purifiers are scary?

Spring Photoshoot!

Hiya peeps! So this photoshoot is just plants-no dolls!

According to my survey of what y’all would like to see on my blog, y’all really like photostories. I have one of those ready for tomorrow!

☆Photostories got 4 votes

☆YouTube videos got 1

☆DIYs got 1

☆Other please specify got 1 (it was photography)

☆Tags got 0

Okayyyyy, now all that’s done, let’s see some photos!

That’s all for today Easter eggs!

Which was your favorite picture?

Which one did you vote for (videos, photostories, DIYs, etc.)?

Are you excited for Easter?