New Sign Offs!

Hiii! I have made new sign offs! Here they are:

*cough cough* Anyone notice a new doll?

And here’s mine:

The background picture is one of a pool that I took!



Songs I’m Lovin!

Hello! I am scheduling posts for a while due to the vacation I will be on soon, so it currently is not Christmas however when y’all are reading this is Christmas will be over (it’s such a heartbreaking injustice when Christmas is over…). This is all the songs and links to the songs that I am loving!

WARNING: I LOVEEEEEEEE country music, such as George Strait, Rodney Atkins, Tim McGraw etc. so if you don’t like this kind of music just click out, please!

Felt Good On My Lips~ Tim McGraw

Walking in Memphis~ Lonestar

Mr. Mom~ Lonestar

Caught Up In the Country~ Rodney Atkins

Cleaning this Gun~ Rodney Atkins

The song above is not bad, it is about a dad who “threatens” his daughter’s boyfriend 😉

There Was This Girl~ Riley Green

That’s all currently! Adios amigos!

~Sam 😉

Cassie’s Sojurn to Florida | DAY 3, 4, 5, & 6

Hiiiii! It’s meeee Cassandra the Awesome, Cassie the World Country Traveler! Here is a veryyyyy quick version of these 4 days of our vacation!

Day Three

Was Saturday Fri-Yay the 28th. We had another chill day at Grandpa & Grandma’s house. Grandpa took Sam, and Sam’s dad too a restaurant called Cinnamon Sticks!!! It was super duper good apparently. Gpa (Grandpa) then took Sam out on one of his three boats on the HUGE lake right behind his house! Click here to watch a video full of pictures from Grandpa’s tranquil house at least, if was tranquil until we got there hehe click meeee!

Day 4

On day four we left our grandparents house for a hour drive to Universal’s Orlando Resort, the Adventura hotel!!!

*insert super cool picture San took of hotel*

There was SEVENTEEN FLOORSSSSSS!!!! The 1st day at the hotel, we were unable to get to the theme parks so we just swam in the pool!

For dinner, we went to Universal’s City Walk and we ate at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville! It was super cool to see the song brought to life!

Day 5 & 6

These two days we went to the early hours at Harry Potter World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also went on a few other rides such as E.T. , Dr. Suess stuff, Minions, Shrek, etc.

Here are all the pictures from Harry Potter World!


We are currently at Walt Disney World. That update/pictures should be coming Sunday or Monday next week.

Coming Soon…

On Fri-Yay the 11th on our YouTube channel a video of everything I bought at Harry Potter World will be coming!

On Saturday the 12th a video of all the items I got at Disney World will be at our channel as well!

On Tuesday the 15th on this blog there will then be a post of everything Sam got for Christmas!!!

Until then,

Adios! Have a great couple days!


The best & awesome Cassie

Cassie’s Sojurn to Florida DAY 1 & 2

Bonjour! I am Cassie, aka Cassandra! I love pink and art! I have been brought on vacation to Florida with Sam! Here’s how our sojourn works:

drive from Illinois to Georgia on day one. drive from Georgia to Grandparents house (Florida) on day two, stay there until Saturday when check into Universal hotel for Harry Potter World for 2 days then check into Disney World hotel and be at Disney for 3 days then drive home!


We woke up at 6:15 with Sam’s dad blaring the song ‘Holiday Road’. We then left at 7am and drove 12 hours (3 bathroom breaks, 7am to 10pm, lunch, & din din hehe). We drove stop drove honk stop drove slam on brakes drove stop and eventually got to south Atlanta (Georgia) and found a random hotel for the night.

DAY 2—–>

We slept restlessly and finally woke up at 8am and ate breakfast at our hotel. Then we left at 8:30 in the morning for our drive to Northern Florida to see our grandparents (5 more hours of driving, yippee).

I watched a bunch of the new Fuller House episodes too!

We stopped for lunch at Arby’s. It was pretty good, I had a 5 piece chicken tenders with WAIT FOR IT, DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLL a chocolate shake!!!! This neverrrrrrr happens because, well, you know Sam! She’s sooooo hyper WITHOUT sugar… And I’m pretty much the same.

Insert funny picture!

After lunch we drove for another hour and finally we are at Grandpa and Grandma’s house!!! I got to be in a bunch of photographs here with all of Gpa J’s plants!

Adios! Cassie out! I will see you peoples on Friday with DAY 3 and DAY 4!

Apps I Use For Editing

Hello! In this lovely little post y’all will see the apps I use for editing my videos and photos (because I film/photograph on my phone!)! I use manyyyyy because almost all apps you have to pay for and some only let you use blah blah but other apps do blah blah blah. Here we goooooo!


I absolutely loveeeee this app for photos and I enjoy making intros for videos sometimes!


I use this app to put together clips/photos!

AZ Screen Recorder

This app is kinda self-explanatory. I use it to record my phone screen, like a behind the scenes video that is coming up on my channel I show you a little bit of how I edit!


This one is kinda sorta for stopmotions but also for intros!

That’s all! 😋

By the way, I am currently driving (hehe I’m not driving) to Florida for Disney and Harry Potter World so for some random updates/pictures check out my Instagram @happilyeverafterdolls

Continuing from above, I will have a video on my channel (click me!) of what I packed for Cassie on my trip!


Short Stories With Kanani (#2)

20181111_155120.jpg Hello! Kanani here with another short story! By the time you are reading this, it is Christmas day (OH YEAH!). I will (most likely) be driving to vacation (most likely because Sam has apparently a pretty good chance of getting a certain doll for Christmas or so she thinks if that does not happen, however, I will be going!). Anywaysss, merry Christmas!!!!!! Here is a lovely little Christmas themed short story!


“You need more frosting, Clara!” squealed my little sister Joy.

“Don’t you dare missy!” I yelled in an equally high pitched and loud voice.

As soon as I said that I knew it was too late… Joy was already picking up the container of homemade chocolate frosting and dumping it over one of my gingerbread men.

“Hey! Not fair!” I cried. I grabbed the vanilla frosting bowl and dumped it over her gingerbread men.

“Clara, no! Don’t hurt them!” she yelled.

“Do unto others as they do unto you.” I recited. Joy is a 9-year-old girl who never had the “terrible two’s” or her rebellious stage and was a stickler for rules. I knew she would stop as soon as I said the Golden Rule.

“Fine.” she said quickly and began practicing her often played the game, “Let’s-Ignore-Clara-Because-She-Doesn’t-Follow-the-Rules”. But that’s okay. I don’t mind her being quiet (for once).

Eventually, we finished the gingerbread men and women and went to bed. By the time mom and dad tucked us in, Joy started talking to me again.

“Goodnight Clara! See you tomorrow on Christmas Eve!!!!” Joy shouted from her room across the hall from mine.


“Goodnight night Joy!” I shouted (louder than she did) and then I went to sleep.

“Wake up you little human!” shouted a tiny voice maliciously from somewhere next to my bed.

“Yeah! Wake up and face the cookies! Get it? Cookies?!” shouted another voice before it crumbled into laughter.

Somehow I managed to open my eyes and turn my head towards the clock.

“It’s two in the morning g’back to bed Joy,” I mumbled in my sleepily.

“Hey, you! I said WAKE UP!” shouted the first voice.

At the tone of its voice I jumped and sat up so fast, I hit my head on the backboard of my bed.

“Whadda you want?” I said. My eyes were starting to focus in the darkness, but at the scene in front of me, I gasped.

“What’s wrong with her?” a voice said.

“Is she okay? Did someone bake her for the wrong amount of time?” another said.

I think I need glasses… On my bed. I see the over 80 gingerbread men and women that Joy and I baked and decorated. And they’re standing upright with toothpicks with marshmallows on the end they were holding like a handle on a sword…

“Ohmygoodness!” I cried. “AmIdreaming?!” I said. Yes, they are cookies, holding toothpicks and marshmallows but what if over 80 toothpicks were stabbing you over and over?

“Wait a second… Do you have frosting tattoos?” I asked.

“Yes, m’dear human. I think that they look much more macho than that horrible shirt that tiny human made for me.” the tattooed cookie said.

“Could you please put those ‘swords’ down?” I asked as politely as I could.

“Yeah right!” cried the must-be-leader with a laugh.

“Yeah, you could eat us if we didn’t protect ourselves!” cried another.

“Yes. Yes, I could. However, I also can break those wanna-be swords into over 20 pieces.” I said smartly, trying to act as if the swords didn’t frighten me a tad.

Several tiny gasps followed my words.

“Does humans really have that much audacity?!”


“How dare she!”

“SILENCE!” the leader shouted, quieting his troops.

“We need your help medium sized-human.” the leader said boldly. “Not that we have a choice,” he muttered under his frosting-smelling breath.

“With what?” I asked. This is kinda intriguing. Cookies on strike. No, cookies fight back! No, that doesn’t sound right…

“Our friend is under-baked. He is not in his right mind.” the leader said.

I guffawed but then I tried to cover it up by coughing.

“Medium-sized humans are sassy! Are big or little humans better?”

“How dare she laugh at our sorrow?!”

“He is not in his right mind! She shall not laugh at him!”

“Let us teach the medium human a lesson!”



“STOP ALL YOU DESSERTS!” shouted the leader fearsomely.

“Did our loving leader just call us the must-not-be-named letter D word?!”

“Can you believe him!”

“Tut, tut.”

“We need the medium human’s help! So quiet!” the leader shouted again.

“Soooo, you wake me up at 2:14 in the morning to make me bake one cookie?! You couldn’t wait until the morning?!” I cried.

“Nope. Big humans are unbelieving, little humans get too scared so it eats us.” said one cookie.

“Yeah, all of your confidence really crumbles when they don’t believe ya, know?” said another cookie.

Fineeee. I’ll bake him in the toaster because it’s quieter and there is only one cookie.” I said as I grudgingly got out of bed.

“All right troops, down the ladder. Quickly!” the leader shouted.

I looked over to the ‘ladder’ and I realized that it is my mini Christmas tree that was on my bookshelf. Was on my bookshelf at least…


Eventually, I baked the cookie again and then the other gingerbread men and women left me alone, in peace.

I had just laid down in my bed as the sun was rising as Joy came sprinting into my room.

“Yay! You’re already up! C’mon let’s go!!! Grandma’s coming in 3 hours!” she shouted.

Great, just great,” I grunted and got out of bed again.

The end!


Did you enjoy? As always, please give me comments and/or suggestions below! Have a very merry Christmas!


Christmas Printables!

Hello and merry almost Christmas! Here is a short post with 4 Christmas printables I made! There are two mini books (short story by me and a ‘dictionary’) a game (my fam and I will be playing it on Christmas Eve!), and mini Christmas cards (my fam and friends will be receiving them!). I hope you all enjoy these!

This is a printable I have posted already:

New ones for today:

Christmas Knowledge (Game)

Mini Christmas Cards

Brumal Words (Mini book)

The Great Cookie Crunch (mini short story book!)

I hope you use these lovely little printables I made for y’all!

~Sam 😉

New Name Finals!

Hello! Remember the survey I posted a while back? Well here are the final results!

Technically they are not the final results because WE HAVE A TIE!

*all gasps*

Sooooo comment down below,





{Sam 😘}

Mini Christmas Tags (#4)

Hullo hullo hullo!!! Today is sadly the last day of Mini Tags… Today’s tag is Christmas Travel!


  1. Answer all 5 questions
  2. Tag 3 people
  3. Link the creator (me)
  4. Link the person who tagged you


  1. On Christmas do you want to travel with family or stay home? This year is the first year in sooooooo long that we are traveling! We will be going to Disney and Harry Potter World in Florida!!!
  2. Where would you like to travel with your family on Christmas and why? Hawaii, Florida, or Los Angles! I just love traveling and going to new places! 
  3. Has family ever came to your house for Christmas (not for just a couple of hours)? Was it like what happened in the movie Christmas VacationNo one ever comes to our house, thankfully!
  4. Does it snow where you live? Heck yeah! There already has been a blizzard or two!
  5. Has your flight ever been canceled on Christmas because of snow? Nope!



Dolls Between Us


That’s all… The 4 Days of Mini Tags are done… Done, done, done… So sad. Bye, and have a Merry almost Christmas!