Quarantine Life, AGIG, New Posts AND MORE

Hey y’all!

It’s Sam here.

Long time no write.

I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I actually was preparing a series in collaboration with someone, but I don’t think that will happen anymore as certain things have clouded my life.

Quarantine life. . .

I have a pretty steady routine going well for me. I only have (high) school Mondays through Thursdays now and if I start school around 9 AM I can usually have it done pretty quickly (maybe around 10:30?).

It’s been hard stuck inside all day.

AGIG. . .

So y’all should know about my AGIG (American Girl Instagram). Yesterday we hit 900 followers! Yay!

I post on my Insta (at least) once a day. I also run photography contests through that account. Season 5 just started with around 25+ contestants.

New posts. . .

  • I might be selling some of my dollies–stay tuned!
  • Huge photography dump coming soon!
  • A photostory???

I have more, but that’s all for now 😉

Stay tuned yall, the photography dump is coming soon!


My New Apartment ~ ROOM TOUR

Hey y’all! It’s Kanani!

Since y’all saw the dollhouse post, I just wanted to show y’all the little mini room I have.

Let’s get started!

Here’s an overview of my room!

I’ll show y’all this corner first.

Going closer, there’s my TV on top of my bookshelf. On the bookshelf, I have a clock, some books, art supplies, nail polish, and Vaseline. To the left are my favorite tennis shoes (they have a red Mickey Mouse head on the side!)

To the right of my bookshelf, I have a little basket that has a bunch of books, notebooks, sketchbooks, and a coloring book. On my dresser, I have a plant, my phone, a mug, and a painting. My bag is Estella to my dresser.

This is my couch. It has 4 stuffies on it & and a fuzzy blanket next to it.

And see, my couch can pop out and make a bed!

That’s really all! Have a great day guys!

Do you have any Disney Tsum Tsums? Do you like Winnie the Pooh Bear? What color is mostly found in your room?

The Dollhouse: What Happened & Why

Hey y’all! How’s your weekend? Mine has been pretty spectacular! I’ve accomplished quite a bit.

Anyways, last weekend was a long 3 day weekend due to Presidents Day Monday. So on Monday, I started a new project (and finished it!).

I haven’t really taken photos in the dollhouse since it moved last Christmas due to the fact that the sunshine barely reaches it’s new location. If I take photos, I build the set like I did with the science fair photos (see above!) or I simply take them outside (see below!).

Therefore, I started the project previously alluded to.

What is this project you ask? Well, I took down the dollhouse.

You can see the before & after above.

After I redid it, there are no actual bedrooms however I do plan on making 1 bedroom that can be changed & redone for photo purposes.

So on the top left where Cassie’s bedroom used to be, there’s the cardboard walls in case I need the, for anything else in the future. The top right is where all of my 8 dolls plus one of my sister’s dolls are.

One level below is clothes and shoes.

One level below that are doll toys, books, art supplies, the rest of the shoes, and more.

The bottom shelf is large doll accessories i.e. softball equipment, umbrellas, etc., hair items, fashion accessories, and more.

On the table to the left where the living room used to be is the bedding, fridge (with food inside), the stove/oven/cabinets, the wagon, bookshelf, and more.

Overall, I feel much better with this set-up. Yes, there will still be some photo stories just probably one or two a month. They also probably won’t be the same anymore either.

I also have a little area in the opposite corner of the room with the motorcycle electric scooter thingymabobber and a few other things.

Happy Sunday!

What are your thoughts on the dollhouse? How’s your weekend? Have you heard AG will be releasing a new historical doll?

DIY AG Doll Disney Ears

Heya! Today I’m back with a snazzy DIY!

The ears I designed are specifically for Winnie the Pooh Bear, however you can totally use this tutorial for any Disney ears. I also used this to make Minnie Mouse ears!

see my Instagram for photos of the Minnie Mouse ears @happily_ever_after_dolls

Also, I’m trying a new way of creating my DIY posts. I will from now on, be making little cartoons for the images instead of takin photos of the steps as it is easier for me!

What you’ll need:

<see cartoon>

How you will create the actual ears:

<I have a comic for visuals but I still will be explaining step by step in words so read my words first to better understand>

  1. Glue 2 pages of yellow foam paper together [this is to make the ears even thicker!] and let dry.
  2. Take a short piece of yellow ribbon & glue one end of it to the foam paper & let dry.
  3. Once the first side of the ribbon is dried completely to the ear, take the other side of the ribbon and glue it to the other side of the foam with the matching human hair tie in the middle of the ribbon! See photo for further information.
  4. Tie the ribbon by the instructions in the photo.

Hope y’all enjoyed the DIY! If you make it yourself, email a photo to me or tag me on Instagram for a shout out!


CDC (Customizing Your Dolls With Caution) #1

Hey y’all! Welcome back old WordPress friends! Welcome to those from my Instagram (@happily_ever_after_dolls) who came to check this series out!

Shoutout to Mary Elizabeth for helping me with the name for this series!

To those who don’t know what this series is all about (even with the name), here it is:

so I’ve been hearing from a lot of people of WordPress & Instagram that they’re really afraid to mess up when they customize their doll(s) and so they just don’t do it. This series is supposed to help y’all feel confident when customizing your doll(s)! I will be doing a post on: straightening your doll’s hair without a flat iron, changing a wig, eye swapping, washing your doll, limb tightening, face touch up, makeup, & more!

This first post is wig swapping!

Creditably: I have swapped wigs 9 times on my dolls and only the first time I messed up (I fixed it though!)

You’ll need:

– a wig to swap

– liquid glue (see photo)

– your doll

– spoon & fork (metal ones!)

How do I get the wig off?

Well this is where it can be tricky. I rotate from a spoon to a fork (usually). First you’ll want to start by putting the spoon (upside down) and gently dig it in to her hairline. Once you get it to a certain point using the spoon (and maybe the fork) you can gently rip the wig off (if you’re careful you can save the wig for a different doll!).

Well once I get the wig off, how much glue should I put on the head? Is there a specific spot of the head to put it on?

You really only need a small blob of glue about the size of half a penny. Plop the glob onto the middle of the head and use a pencil’s eraser end to rub the glue along the hairline.

How do I know when the wig’s in the right place?

You should be able to put the doll’s hair up in a high cheerleader ponytail and the hairline at the bottom should cover like on a new AG doll. You’ll need to kinda play around, tugging it down as far as you think is normal/right.

Any more questions, comment down below & I’ll answer them in the comments!


Customization Series (Preview)

Hello! Sooo today is a preview of my doll customization series!

First off. . .

Anyone have a good name idea for this series rather than ‘Doll Customization Series’?

If so, please comment down below!!!

Next on the agenda. . .

On Friday, this week, I will be posting the first installment of this. It will be how to straighten your doll’s hair without a flat iron.

Next up will be rewigging.

Farewell for now!!!

So once again, any name ideas? Comment them below!

Doll Customization Series?

Hello! So on WordPress and Instagram I’ve had a lot of people talking about how they’re afraid to customize their dolls. Therefore, I am going to start a series on here.

But first, it would be awesome if y’all would take this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RL5DQY3 so that I can know what things y’all would like to see in this series!

Thanks & have a great Sunday!



Heyyy! So this post will be a little different than my usual. By the time I post this, I will have written several editions to this post. Every time I work on my customized doll, I will add a few different parts to this post. Okay now let’s start!

First off. . .

I am using TM 53. Her name before was Sienna. You can see some photos of her below.

I never really liked Sienna. She was a gift from a friend who grew out of dolls. So, I decided to customize her into a character from my favorite show, NCIS.

Sienna will be changing to Abigail ‘Abby’ Scuito, NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) forensic scientist. She’s goth, addicted to Caf-Pows (a caffeine drink), always wears her hair in pigtails on the top of her head. She’s been described as “the happiest goth you’ll ever meet” and she sleeps in a coffin. You can see some photos below!

Abby is definitely one of my favorite characters (besides Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, and Ziva David {Dah-veed}). Now here’s some photos of my doll. . .

Now, onto the process of this doll’s creation!

DAY 1:

So the first day I started finding different clothes on Etsy.com that would fit Abby’s personality. I found some nice skirts, tights, jacket, and a pair of pajamas. Also, more importantly, I found a black colored wig with bangs and a slight curl to it. I will try to add in the name of the Etsy doll shop’s name.

DAY 2:

A week or two later, I worked on her room. It is on top of my bookshelf in my closet since I don’t have any more room in the dollhouse. You can see the photos below!

This is the overview of the room before I added anything else. There’s a empty doll box, a locker shelf, and a old dresser.

This was the side of it. In this photo you can see I put up a black wallish thing aka a old tshirt.

Here’s another image of the dresser and the locker shelf area. At this point, I hadn’t added the black thing to the other side as a wall.

Here’s the overview of the room from what I did on the first day I worked on it.

Here you can see the red floor, her slippers, and the other things in the room.

Here’s the close up of the dresser.

Abby is on a bolling team with the nuns, they always wear the poodle skirts (hence the poodle skirt and the shoes). There is a patterned cushion for her little space up on top of the locker shelf. There’s also a Santa stuffie, a sharpie mini, and a trunk. You can also see the black wall thing.

Here you can see part of the shelf, and Abby’s winter coat.

Here’s the shelf. I had put in poinsettia flowers for Christmas, and I have a box on the top along with a plastic skull. I had planned on painting the dresser but at this time I hadn’t gotten to it yet.

This is a close up of the coffin bed. I put black fabric on it and I added a deep scarlet red lining to it. I also added a black pillow.

DAY 3:

A few weeks later, I worked on her room some more. I added black walls first.

Except. . .

I ran out of black paper.

So what did I do?

I used red tissue paper to add “curtains”.

An overview. . .

Here is a close up of the little nook/sitting area.

In these 2 photos you can see how big everything is because I put Kanani in the room real quick to give y’all an idea of how big the room is.

Note: when I put Kanani in there I noticed the red curtain on the left is too short so I added more to the top of it.

I knew I was going to paint the dresser but I didn’t know if I should paint it: black, red, white, or gray. Black, well there was just too much of it right there so you wouldn’t be able to see it well enough. White just wouldn’t look right. Red, well nah didn’t seem right.

Therefore, I went with gray.

The day I worked on this stuff, well I didn’t have much time. I needed to go to a party and church so I just did a quick first coat on the dresser.

DAY 4:

A couple days later I got the wig, as seen below, and I finished the dresser.

The dresser was really challenging since the design on it that I used markers to create when I was little were very hard to paint over. After around 6 coats, I gave up. You could still kinda see the old design but when it’s under the second floor in the shadow you cannot really see it.

I also ran out of paint.

When I get more I will probably finish coating the dresser.

In the lil collage above y’all can see the way she looked with the wig on & off before I changed it.

I used a spoon, liquid glue, & a old pencil (the pencil was to get the glue out of the bottle and onto the head).

After about 20 minutes, the glue was fully dry & ready to go.

The first thing I did after that was put her hair into little pig tails like Abby always has them in.

After that, I used a washable marker to add red lipstick.

In the photo above you can see Abby in her new room.

A few extra things. . .

  • I am currently working on making Abby choker necklaces and making posters for her walls. Also, I’m working on finding her some more things for her bedroom so I will post those later this month!
  • I also plan on making more to Abby’s apartment so that will be posted soon!
  • I also have a to-do list I created, of quotes from Abby that I love and want to recreate. Expect to see that sometime soon too!

Finally, happy 2020!

Bye y’all!